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No easy import into Excel 2008 for Mac

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I thought it would be nice to walk through the Excel 2008 configuration steps to query Oracle. I was quite surprised when navigating the path, this error dialog was thrown:

When you navigate to the Microsoft web site, you’ll find that you have a choice of an ODBC driver from Open Link or Actual Technologies. You might think that Oracle would have their own ODBC driver that you can use without paying for a 3rd party solution. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. The most recent kits are missing the shared library. The only ones that I could find are for the Mac OS X Tiger edition.

I may have missed something but you’ll find the Oracle documentation here. Feel free to comment with a solution. My solution is to use Code Weaver’s CrossOver Mac, and Microsoft Office 2007. How I regret the money wasted on Microsoft Office 2008.

A quick note, addendum, it looks like Actual Technologies is the best. Unfortunately, they charge for one copy for Oracle and another for MySQL and Postgre. What a discouraging note, but I may bite the bullet on the $60 bucks for both. I’ll defer the MySQL and Postgre until they release their 2.9 version. Don’t forget to also download Microsoft’s Query tool.

Written by maclochlainn

November 7th, 2008 at 10:50 pm