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Data normalization notes

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I’m trying to eliminate the textbook from my database class, and wrote a data normalization blog page for my students; however, it is only done through 3NF so far. The post tries to remove the discrete math and provide clear examples. The students are checking it out for opportunities to make it clearer, if you’ve thoughts let me know.

Also, I’ve substantially update my initial blog page on SQL joins, and will put one out on set operators probably this Monday. If you’ve time to review it, I would appreciate suggestions for improvement.

The length of these blog pages has compelled me to move to a more friendly editor. I’ve opted for Blogo as my Mac blog editor. It comes from Brainjuice. My son’s experience with their customer service and product convinced me. You can find his blog post discussing customer service here.

Blogo prompts you, but beat the rush. Go to your Site Admin, select Writing under Settings in WordPress, and enable the remote XML-RPC publishing protocol. More or less like this prompt.

Written by maclochlainn

February 15th, 2009 at 2:21 am