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Copyright or not?

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I’m back from vacation and will start blogging again. I’ve got a couple items folks have asked me to cover and I’ll try to work those in during the next couple of weeks.

My son went over to Beijing to study Chinese this summer. I picked him up at the Airport last Friday. When he was there he found a copy of my Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming in Chinese. He told me about it via Skype. I asked him to bring home a copy since my royalty statements don’t show the book was translated into Chinese. It cost about $12 US (click on the image to see a larger copy). The statements indicate it has only been translated into Russian, Portuguese, and Tata’s Indian Press at this point.


I thought it was an illegal copy, even though it was sold in a mainline store in Beijing as an original. Anyway I sent the scans of the book and ISBN to McGraw-Hill so they could sort it out. They told me it’s a legal copy, translation licensed, and that not all translations fees post to royalty statements before the translation. It’s only the fifth book, and I continue to learn about the process. Tsinghua University Press produces it. If you want a copy in Chinese, you’ll find it at their web site and my book is here. My son said they had an impressive collection of Oracle Press books on sale there too.

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August 29th, 2009 at 11:47 pm

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