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Windows 7 and Zend CE

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Installed Zend Community Edition on Windows 7 64-bit. It worked easily. You just need to remember to install the JSDK 32-bit version for the Java Bridge. Clear notation about phpMyAdmin and MySQL being separate downloads has been added to the new Zend Community Edition Server (4.0.6), and it clearly does support Windows 7.

If you plan on installing MySQL and Oracle, I would recommend you install MySQL after you install Oracle and the Zend Community Server. However, it doesn’t matter because both ways work.

That completes my WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, or Python) and OPAW (Oracle, Perl, PHP, or Python, Apache, Windows) installations. Actually, I’m not sure there is an OPAW acronym for a LAMP stack running Oracle on a Windows platform. OPAL is the acronym for a LAMP stack running an Oracle database, but I’ve never seen one before for Windows. Therefore, I created one.

My two cents worth …

I’d vote for clearer guidance on these acronyms. After all, they’re only purpose appears to be how to market variants of LAMP. The variants that I’ve seen for LAMP (Linux) are: MAMP (Mac OS X), SCAMP (Santa Cruz Operation), SAMP (Solaris), OAMP (OpenBSD, and WAMP (Windows) for MySQL database versions. The key seems to be swapping the first letter. I’ve only seen OPAL (Linux) officially for a LAMP stack that uses an Oracle database on a Linux platform. While my OPAW leverages what I perceive as a possible pattern, it may be wrong. Does anybody know what the right way to label these is?

Written by maclochlainn

November 28th, 2009 at 10:56 pm