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A \G Option for Oracle?

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The \G option in MySQL lets you display rows of data as sets with the columns on the left and the data on the write. I figured it would be fun to write those for Oracle when somebody pointed out that they weren’t out there in cyberspace (first page of a Google search ;-)).

I started the program with a student’s code. I thought it a bit advanced for the student but didn’t check if he’d snagged it somewhere. Thanks to Niall Litchfield, I now know that the base code came from an earlier post of Tom Kyte. Tom’s example code failed when returning a Blob, BFile, or CFile column.

Naturally, there are two ways to write this. One is a procedure and the other is the function. This post contains both. The procedure is limited because of potential buffer overflows associated with the DBMS_OUTPUT package’s display. A function isn’t limited because you can return a collection from the function.

As usual, I hope this helps folks.

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June 14th, 2010 at 1:01 am

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