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Excel 2011 Needs ODBC Files

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I’d hoped for a better solution with Excel 2011 on Mac OS X but it appears we still need the third party drivers to connect Excel to MySQL. It’s the same as I reported earlier on Excel 2008. Here’s the message and you can click on it to go the web site and links to buy the drivers.

I tried getting away with installing the MySQL Connector/ODBC before downloading one of those recommended by Microsoft. I discovered that it didn’t work.

Therefore, I download and installed the OpenLink Software ODBC Software, instructions with screen shots are in this blog page. I discovered that this software support track isn’t purely native Mac OS X on Intel-based software because it requires Rosetta like Excel 2008. It also only connects with Microsoft Query, which appears to be a Power PC native application too, at least based on the interface and look and feel. I didn’t do much more research because I’ve concluded that connectivity isn’t ready for prime time on the Mac OS X platform. Microsoft still has more work to do.

Written by maclochlainn

February 10th, 2011 at 3:15 am