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NVIDIA Strikes MacBook Pro

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The distorted video problems introduced by NVIDIA on MacBook Pro is old news because it affected early 2008 machines. Alas, those intermittent little gray lines at the bottom of my MacBook Pro early 2008 model now transcend my screen 4 out of 5 boot cycles, as shown below:

The screen shot from the MacBook Pro shows the image is fine when emailed to another machine. As Pooh Bear (my daughter’s favorite) would say, “Oh, bother …”

Now I’m urgently moving all files over to other media. That includes conference presentations, code, and several VMs.

While waiting on the USB transfers, I checked out what it might run to fix it and ran into this Apple Support page. It basically says my inaction at the annoyance during my AppleCare period, which just lapsed in July, won’t make it my problem. That’s because I’m within the extended 4 year window from date of purchase.

Living in Eastern Idaho has a number of perks, like the environment and community. It does have some downsides, like a 250 miles drive to the nearest Apple Store.
It looks like I’ll be making a little drive to Salt Lake City next week.

Actually got this fixed at the University’s help desk. Apple sent the exact same logic board that it had previously, and guess what the bars are hemming me in now intermittently. Ouch!

A little more research and it appears that this may be related to the Black Vertical Lines on MacBook Pro 15″ Display and from MacRumor’s archive. It’s odd there’s no recall on the monitor. Maybe that’s because Apple would pay for it, and NVIDIA paid for the other?

As with every purchase in technology, there’s an upside and downside. Clearly, the failure drove me to opt for the less expensive 13″ MacBook Pro upgrade with a 2.8 GHz CPU, 8 GB of memory, and 750 MB harddisk. I’ll probably avoid ever purchasing the leading, and pricier, Apple technology again.

Written by maclochlainn

November 14th, 2011 at 11:24 pm