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Apple iTunes Bug

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Over the years, this bug never gets fixed. I know it must irritate more people than just me. Unlike those who live in urban communities with great download speeds and relatively inexpensive Internet providers, I live in an area held hostage by expensive CableOne Internet service. Net neutrality won’t fix my issue.

The Apple iTunes bug occurs after you download a movie and the cloud symbol disappears. At first, it may appear as designed, with only one image displayed, like Papillon and Passengers is shown below:

From time to time, Apple iTunes gets confused (polite speak for an intermittent bug) and creates a new iCloud image side-by-side with the downloaded version of the movie. You can see that with the image of The Adventures of Robin Hood:

It annoys me and it takes time to fix. The present solution is to delete the downloaded file image and then re-download it if you must have a local copy (the tedious lives of those outside of large metropolitan areas). Naturally, for those of us outside of large metropolitan areas with monthly restrictions on the size of downloads, Apple’s solution is not a viable workaround. Unfortunately, Apple appears disinclined to figure out what causes the problem or fixing it in the existing iTunes code base. When I called Apple’s iTune support it took a third level engineer to agree that the problem even exists. 😉

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December 22nd, 2017 at 10:11 pm

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