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The class, they survived …

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The rumor is that my database is hard, but I’ve always hoped it was fun and laid the foundation of success for my students. As I walked into class to give them their final exam, they had their jackets on, which isn’t uncommon for Rexburg, Idaho in December. However, that’s normal outside but unusual in the heated classroom. Then, they all took their jackets off to show their new t-shirts.

They thought it would be fun to post on the blog, so here it is. The shirts says:

SELECT   i.survived
FROM     michael_mclaughlin i
WHERE    class= CIT 320;

It’s unfortunate that they missed the enclosing quote marks around the string literal. 😉 It should be like this:

SELECT   i.survived
FROM     michael_mclaughlin i
WHERE    i.class= 'CIT 320';

Here’s to a great group of students who know how to read, write, and think SQL. Any openings out there for internships, please drop me a note.

Happy holidays!

Written by maclochlainn

December 16th, 2009 at 4:42 pm