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When I migrated from to my own site, it was to have more flexibility organizing the blog. Most of the core concepts continue to lead me in organizing the blog, and if your interested in the full rationale click rant here.

A word on searches

Blog searches simply return all potentially related blog posts and pages in a ranked order. They don’t organize data into information, and they don’t cross reference data to create information. Unfortunately, unless I write my own, you’re stuck with this behavior.

A word on organization

Since my blog has grown over time, I’ve created subject summary pages, like Oracle Configuration and Oracle PL/SQL Programming. My summary pages include organized references to blog pages and posts, while only pages show up in the right sidebar. I’ve also opted to update older blogs to minimize duplication. Over time, this decision should lead to more complete entries.

A word on folding

Some blogs simple grow too large because that’s the way of the subject and medium. I’ve opted to introduce folding into m blog. That means I’ve embedded JavaScript, actually JQuery, to facilitate folding parts of blogs or blog pages. Some folded content contains nested content, and it follows the same folding pattern. Basically, an object unfolds content if you see an object like this with a down arrow to the right. You only need to click it to see the hidden content.


Hope this helps you working with the blog. If you’ve a better idea, please share.

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February 28th, 2009 at 5:38 pm

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  1. Is it possible to insert a PDF into a cell in Excel 2007? I can do it with an image which I
    learned from your blog


    22 Apr 13 at 11:33 am

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