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Bulk Transfer Works

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As many already know, I’ve been trying to get the MySQL Workbench migration feature working between Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and MySQL 5.5. There are a number of features added to the 5.2.43 point release, and one led me to believe that the Migration tool expects to find the data in a schema of its own, as opposed to the dbo schema. Having made that change in Microsoft SQL Server, it did appear to have a positive impact on the migration and when I corrected a character set mismatch it worked perfectly!

MySQL Workbench successfully migrated the schema and table but failed to migrate the data because of a character set mismatch. I updated Bug 66516 the log file from the character set mismatch before I retyped all 9 test rows to make sure they were in a latin1 character set.

I shortened the original log file because the actual log had over 2,000 blanks line :-(. That’s probably something that should be fixed in the code too.

Prepare information for data copy...
Prepare information for data copy done
Create shell script for data copy...
Table copy script written to C:\Users\McLaughlinM\Desktop\copy_migrated_tables.cmd
Create shell script for data copy done
Determine number of rows to copy....
Counting number of rows in tables...
wbcopytables.exe --count-only --passwords-from-stdin --odbc-source=DSN=SQL Server ODBC;DATABASE=;UID=sa --table [studentdb] [studentdb].[conquistador]
18:29:13 [INF][      copytable]: Opening ODBC connection to 'DSN=SQL Server ODBC;DATABASE=;UID=sa;PWD=XXX'
18:29:14 [INF][      copytable]: ODBC connection to 'DSN=SQL Server ODBC;DATABASE=;UID=sa;PWD=' opened
9 total rows in 1 tables need to be copied:
- [studentdb].[studentdb].[conquistador]: 9
Determine number of rows to copy finished
Copy data to target RDBMS....
Migrating data...
wbcopytables.exe --odbc-source=DSN=SQL Server ODBC;DATABASE=;UID=sa --target=student@mclaughlinsql:3306 --progress --passwords-from-stdin --thread-count=1 --table [studentdb] [studentdb].[conquistador] `studentdb` `conquistador` [conquistador_id], [conquistador], [actual_name], [nationality]
`studentdb`.`conquistador`:Copying 4 columns of 9 rows from table [studentdb].[studentdb].[conquistador]
ERROR: `studentdb`.`conquistador`:Inserting Batch: Incorrect string value: '\x9Acak' for column 'actual_name' at row 7
`studentdb`.`conquistador`:Finished copying 0 rows in 0m00s
29:15 [INF][      copytable]: Opening ODBC connection to 'DSN=SQL Server ODBC;DATABASE=;UID=sa;PWD=XXX'
29:16 [INF][      copytable]: ODBC connection to 'DSN=SQL Server ODBC;DATABASE=;UID=sa;PWD=' opened
29:16 [INF][      copytable]: Connecting to MySQL server at mclaughlinsql:3306 with user student
29:16 [INF][      copytable]: Connection to MySQL opened
Copy helper has finished
Data copy results:
- `studentdb`.`conquistador` has FAILED (0 of 9 rows copied)
0 tables of 1 were fully copied
Copy data to target RDBMS finished
Tasks finished with warnings and/or errors, view the logs for details
Finished performing tasks.

Originally, I thought the failure was due to the extended ASCII characters in the Microsoft SQL Server table. It still failed when I took all of the extended characters out. However, Alfredo suggested it was a character set issue, which is obvious when I looked more closely at the log – '\x9Acak' is clearly an incorrect string. I retyped the INSERT statement for the nine rows and it worked perfectly. Naturally, I’ve updated open Bug 66516 with the log file.

If you’re curious about the Microsoft SQL Server configuration check this post.

Written by maclochlainn

September 16th, 2012 at 6:55 pm