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SQL Like Comparisons

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SQL tidbits are always valuable and highly searched for by newbies (as opposed to reading the SQL documentation). Sometimes we seasoned SQL developers take for granted little things like when a single- or multiple-character wildcard comparison works. It seems we know what newbies don’t. That you need a wildcard comparison operator not simply and equality comparison operator.

The question posed to me was, “Why doesn’t my wildcard comparison work?” Here’s a simplified example of their question.

SELECT 'Valid' AS "Test"
FROM    dual
WHERE  'Treat' = 'Tre_t'
OR     'Treet' = 'Tre_t';

Naturally, the answer is that the equality operator compares the strings based on their exact match (character sensitively in Oracle and character insensitively in MySQL). It needs to be rewritten by replacing the equals (=) comparison operator with the LIKE comparison operator. The following query does that:

SELECT 'Valid' AS "Test"
FROM    dual
WHERE  'Treat' LIKE 'Tre_t'
OR     'Treet' LIKE 'Tre_t'

The same behavior exists for the multiple-character wildcard (%). I hope this helps those looking for this answer.

Written by maclochlainn

July 13th, 2013 at 1:12 pm