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OpenLink Software

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The OpenLink Software provides an ODBC Driver for MySQL 5.x. It’s one of the two options that users have when they want to connect Microsoft Excel 2011 to a MySQL 5.5. The other is Actual Technologies.

The following are the screen shots to install OpenLink Software’s driver on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Before you close that page, download the license file that’s shown or Step #8 will be harder than it should be to complete.

  1. Picking the right version of the OpenLink Software is tricky. You need to follow the instructions carefully at the vendors site. After completing all the input screens, you should get a web page like this:

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #1

  1. The Welcome Dialog confirms that you are installing the correct version of their Universal Data Access Driver Suite. Click the Continue button to proceed with the installation.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #2

  1. At this stage, you confirm that you have the correct version by reading through the Read Me dialog. What you won’t see clearly is that the OpenLink Software is native to the Power PC not Intel architecture. When you attempt to use the software, Microsoft Excel 2011 will prompt you to install Rosetta Software. Rosetta enables Power PC software to run on Intel-based Mac OS X. It’s amazing that there’s no better alternative but it appears that the Microsoft Query components also require Rosetta but I’ve not done a complete dependency check. Click the Continue button to proceed with the installation.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #3

  1. This is the license agreement. Click Continue to get the acknowledgment that you read the license agreement.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #4

  1. Click the Agree button that you read the license to proceed.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #5

  1. The standard install isn’t small and it includes a driver manager. Click the Install button to proceed.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #6

  1. The installation prompts for the system administrators password. Enter the Password and click the OK button to install the product.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #7

  1. The next dialog is a surprise if you closed your browser because you need the trial license that was on the download page. That enabled me to click Use existing License because I’d downloaded it too.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #8

  1. This step caused me to pause. The MySQL Lite tool is obviously cross-licensed by OpenLink Software and a dependency when working with the MySQL database. Enter your administrator Passord and click the OK button to Install MySQL Lite.

OpenLink Software ODBC Driver #9

  1. All things come to an end. You’ve installed OpenLink Software ODBC on your Mac OS X. Now click the Close button to end the installation.

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February 26th, 2011 at 11:06 pm

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  3. A few updates, from an OpenLink Software employee…

    1. Microsoft has shipped an Intel-native version of Query, as a free update of Office 2011. (This is not available for previous versions of Office.) It’s fully compatible with OS X Lion through Mavericks, and expected to keep working on Yosemite

    2. Our drivers are and have been fully Universal (32-bit and 64-bit, Intel and PPC) since each new flavor has been possible. I don’t know why you would think they were PPC-only, unless you were installing an older version for unknown reasons.

    3. We have some comprehensive installation, configuration, and testing instructions that may be more accurate than those found on third-party sites, for our Express Edition —

    — and Lite Edition —


    3 Oct 14 at 1:49 pm

  4. Ted, Thanks.


    4 Oct 14 at 8:57 am

  5. Installed OpenLink Software ODBC Software for MySql (5.x) on El Capitain to get Microsoft Excel work with Mariadb (homebrew) installation. A first smoketest does work very well.


    14 Apr 17 at 3:18 pm

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