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My iPhone is back …

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Life’s interesting, and thankfully AT&T is no longer the sole provider of the iPhone. On December 21st, 2010, I replaced my iPhone 3G with a LG Optimus S using Sprint. It was adequate, and far cheaper than what AT&T was charging me. It also had 3G service because AT&T didn’t provide coverage in Rexburg, Idaho.

The iPhone is now on Sprint, and I switched to the iPhone 4S. When I went and got it, I thought it strange that there wasn’t an order option for AppleCare+. No one mentioned that AppleCare+ was now the ticket, and that it’s the responsibility of the vendors to advise you at the time of purchase. They didn’t advise me! Is it possible that they don’t want to advise you because AppleCare+ provides for two repairs for accidental damage at $49 per service opportunity and covers any part that might fail earlier through normal use. Who wouldn’t opt to protect the iPhone from both a faulty part or grip for $99 over 2 years?

A rumor or rumbling that may have its origin in Apple Support is that AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon aren’t telling customers at the time of sale. Customers must then take their iPhone to an Apple Store, not an authorized reseller, have their phone inspected before they can get AppleCare+ after sale. That is if you do it within 30 days of the purchase with proof of purchase and a Genius Bar appointment.

Alert to potential buyers, demand AppleCare+ before you get your iPhone! Let your friends know because this may be more than a baseless rumor. That is, unless you like inordinate risks. Those in that category should watch this unfortunate Assuie bungee jumper go swimming with the crocodiles. At least the crocodiles didn’t get her below Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, which is a miracle in itself.

The downside was that I’d have to go to Salt Lake City for the coverage, the upside is I have an iPhone again. The upside outweighs the downside, but like Shylock in the Merchant of Venice I’d like to get my metaphoric pound of corporate flesh. When I posed the question to the Sprint kiosk, “Is it possible that the vendors have some financial interest in folks not purchasing AppleCare+?” ;-) That question asked; and, miraculously, Sprint said it was their error and they’d fix it – add AppleCare+. Apple support emailed me to confirm that AppleCare+ is now enforce on my new iPhone. That proves the squeaky wheel does get oiled.

I strongly recommend you don’t waste your money on anything less than an Otterbox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S.The video below explains why.

The only problem I’ve found is the hip case because it’s hard plastic and breaks. Fortunately, you can buy just the OtterBox iPhone 4S Defender Case Replacement Belt Clip Holster through for less than $8 at the time of updating this blog post.

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February 16th, 2012 at 10:29 pm

My iPhone going away

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Back in June, I considered replacing my iPhone with an HTC Evo.. I didn’t do it then for two reasons. The battery life of the Evo was too short to make it worthwhile and the cost wasn’t too different. My son Joseph’s passionate sentiments for everything Apple and his membership on the family plan helped dissuade me.

When I dropped my son from the family program, AT&T took all my accumulated minutes away. Truly, it was not a customer centric moment. At the end of the day, my bill went up 15% relative to the cost of half of the family plan.

Last summer, I didn’t have an iPad nor did I foresee buying a first generation one. That was then, but I caved as summer went on and I considered writing an eBook. Notwithstanding my January comments on the iPad, I bought one in late July. It’s features made my iPhone a little jealous and me a little less enticed by the iPhone. The only thing my iPhone could do that it couldn’t was connect to the AT&T network.

Today, I bid my iPhone adieu. I made the move to economize from AT&T’s rates to Sprint. I went with the LG Optimus S. You can read a review if you’re interested about it here. The LG Optimus S is a nice mid-range Android 2.2 smart phone that cost $49.

I suppose that one of my kids will get the iPhone now. The 16 GB unit can serve as an iPod or WiFi device for email and music. These truly have become ubiquitous devices, and we owe Apple a debt for that! By the way, I love the iPad and won’t lament its lack of a camera when the next generation arrives with the new year. ;-)

The REST OF THE STORY, as of February 2012, is:

  1. I couldn’t live on the Android. It was an awkward interface after the iPhone.
  2. I couldn’t return to AT&T, the coverage where I’m at is horrible and their prices are absurd.
  3. Sprint sells the iPhone and the coverage and price work.

My return to the iPhone and recommendation for a case is in this blog post.

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December 21st, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Goodbye to my iPhone

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For almost two years, I’ve loved my iPhone. That’s amazing, since I live where AT&T has never provided 3G coverage. The contract expires this summer.

Admittedly, business trips were refreshing because I generally always had a 3G connection. That is, until the last six months or so. During that period of time, I’ve been experiencing some random dropped calls. For example, AT&T dropped my 3G connections about 8 times in less than 30 minutes in April. All three calls went over 5 minutes before they were dropped, and they were made from a hotel in Anaheim, California (near Angels Stadium). Those drops certainly made it appear that their system couldn’t handle the volume of concurrent calls, but it could have been something else. ;-)

The final straw was AT&T’s unlimited data plan change announcement. Wow! It caught me by surprise. Their back peddling with a subsequent announcement of qualified renewed contracts doesn’t work for me. They’ve lost what little trust I had for them.

Fortunately, I’d deferred buying an iPad. I’d planned to order an iPad 3G model this last week, but now it will definitely be a Wi-Fi only device! I’m also deferring the purchase now to see if there’s another surprise in the wings.

When I compare the cost of my iPhone against the HTC EVO, the iPhone loses. I found Daniel Lyon’s article Phone Fight! interesting for many reasons. While his comparison of Microsoft versus Apple of yesteryear to Google versus Apple of today is interesting, this quote strikes me:

“Right now the most advanced smart phone on the market is arguably not the new iPhone 4 but rather an Android device called the EVO 4G, made by HTC, a Taiwanese company. That phone has front and rear cameras, and shoots hi-def video, just like the new iPhone 4. But the EVO has a bigger display, its camera shoots in higher resolution, and it can turn itself into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, something the iPhone 4 can’t do.”

The mobile Wi-Fi hotspot means my iPad Wi-Fi works virtually anywhere. That alone is probably the single most important reason why I considered dropping my iPhone. Alas, I was disabused of the notion today by David Pogue (6/17/2010). The battery life is pathetic.

Let’s face it: the iPhone interface is AWESOME! Therefore, my idea of replacing my iPhone with an EVO will be a nearly forgotten memory, like my HP-25C of college days and Star Wars IV premiere gone by …

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June 13th, 2010 at 12:55 am

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Kudos to Joseph

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My son’s graduating with his B.S. in Computer Information Technology next month, moving on to his internship, and today released his first independent iPhone App – Chronos Stopwatch. This link takes you to his blog. He did an awesome job on writing the Bizarro iPhone App under contract, but I’m very happy he and Miles Ponson started writing their own software.

It was amazing seeing him sort through all the myriad issues in balancing analog clocks, the decaseconds refresh rates, and a lap counter. I’m sure a few swimming and track coaches will like this utility if they have an iPhone. Throughout his development cycle, the process has been fun to watch. He certainly loves Objective C.

Just as an aside, it has also been gratifying to know that he finally found major uses for the database, like set operators, inline views, and stored procedures. He once noted they weren’t too useful. ;-)

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March 23rd, 2010 at 8:18 pm

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Hybrid iPhone Development

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A colleague of mine just dropped by his new book on Developing Hybrid Applications for the iPhone. He covers Dashcode, Xcode, JavaScript, and Objective-C. He also covers how to use WebView and native SQLite database access from the iPhone.

It looks interesting. By the way, his blog is here.

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June 30th, 2009 at 11:42 am

Kindle on the iPhone

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I played around with a friend’s Kindle and really had to wonder why would people buy one of them. Since my books sell an electronic edition on Kindle, I hoped for a better solution.

Great news today, a better physical technology has arrived. You can now download a Kindle application for your iPhone! As a big iPhone fan, this is awesome. Naturally, I was curious how my last book looked.

I downloaded the sample chapter and it looked great on the iPhone. The images are well rendered and clear on the screen. I’m probably going to have to buy an e-copy (ouch) because they don’t provide authors with electronic copies.

Thanks a bunch to the team who ported it to the iPhone. Great job!

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March 4th, 2009 at 1:13 am

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No code scrolling on iPhone

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I wanted to have scrolling on my iPhone for code segments. It appeared simple. Change the style.css file by adding .code { overflow-x:scroll; }. I first tested it in Safari by setting User Agent to Mobile Safari 1.1.3 – iPhone, where it worked. Alas, it doesn’t work on my iPhone. A quick look at the iPhone simulator taught me it doesn’t work there either. It appears that horizontal scrolling is disabled on the iPhone.

That style sheet is found in the /public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wptouch/themes/default directory. I’d love to have missed something. If there’s a trick to do it, let me know.

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February 15th, 2009 at 12:59 am

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